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What We Do

The world’s most forward-thinking companies are growing their business with BlockIoT. With over 1,500 apps and a robust API, the BlockIoT platform team works with partners and developers globally to build Dapps and integrations that streamline your work and automate mundane tasks.

With tools to make every part of your process more efficient and an amazing support team excited to help you, getting started with has never been easier.


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Our Mission

BlockIoT wants to provide every business and organization with the ability to reach their customers. Our vision has always been to build the most comprehensive and the communication solution on the market.

we believe investing in our team and technology is the way we have foster one of the most productive and results oriented work environment.

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Our Values

The story and values behind
our company

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Our Mission

Wei wants a Lamborghini and BlockIot wants to provide every business and organization with the ability to reach their customers.

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Our Vision

Main vision has always been to build the most comprehensive cloud solution on the market.

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Our Methodology

Investing in our employees is the best way to foster a productive, results oriented work environment.

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The Solution Record

Culture encompasses values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social environment of a business.


Our leadership team

David Huang, Ph. D.

Houston, Texas



Founder Blockiot Exworth BTC Trust dake data CTO Cogobuy group (HK:0400) Education Ph.D University of Wisconsin Ph.D University of Houston B.S. University of Science and technology of China

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Andy Huang, Ph. D.

Manhattan, New York



Founder NYIS tech EfundCity Tech LLC Exworth BTC Trust CFO UTXO Acquisition INC Education Ph.D Saint Mary University B.S. Wuhan university

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Neil Gang

Manhattan, New York



Chief Architect Tencent Finance Tencent-Wechain Tencent-zxin Chain Chief programmer Wechat pay Tencent QQ Education B.S. Hunan university

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There is no i in team

View the team behind making BlockIoT a reality and transforming so many of our customers' companies

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Our Investers

We are building a dynamic, efficient and agile global cloud solution with a digital-first mindset, capable of providing a world-leading service to our customers and strong returns for our investors. We continue to maintain strong capital, funding and liquidity positions and a diversified business model.

"Everything that we plan to do over the next decade is designed to unlock opportunity for our stakeholders, whether customers, colleagues, shareholders or communities”
Wei Huang - BlockIoT Group Chief Executive



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Monday Capital
Horizon Investment
Butterfly Capital