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Social-to-Earn platform, extract NFTs to obtain each other's photos and contact information

About Soulmeta:

SoulMeta is a decentralized SocialFi application that users can use without KYC. The platform, combined with blind box sales, provides an opportunity to build social relationships among strangers through blockchain technology, enabling users to meet more friends through blockchain.

SoulMeta is a stranger social relationship platform based on blockchain technology and created on BNB Chain. Users can mint a large number of blind boxes with their own photos and contact information at a low price through SoulMeta, and all the blind boxes will be put into the smart contract pool. Other users will be able to obtain the photo and contact details of the blind box minter from the smart contract pool by purchasing the blind box. At the same time, users can also obtain a certain amount of token rewards through the transaction mining mechanism. In this way, social relationships between strangers can be established.

SoulMeta's functions mainly include: NFT blind box minting, selling and trading, matching sales rewards, transaction mining, invitation rewards, token destruction, reserve contract pool dividend mechanism for token holders, etc.

Earn income through social interaction.

About the Integrate:

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